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2018 ERDF Funded Workshops

We’re delighted to announce new 2018 dates for four of The Landing’s ERDF-funded workshops, all held here in MediaCityUK.

These are open to Greater Manchester SMEs, startups and freelancers. For further information on eligibility criteria, please see the booking pages linked below. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please email our community manager Shu-Ling Li at

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IoT and Hardware Workshop (two days)

What is it about? An intro to fabrication, the Internet of Things, APIs, electronics, 2D design and 3D printing for digital/technology start-ups and SMEs.

What will I learn? You’ll take part in two projects across the two days: creating a handheld gaming device using micro:bit, Python and laser cutting, and building a Twitter-responsive light-up device. Read more. Through these you’ll come away with a strong understanding of how you can incorporate these tools and techniques into your business, and how Eagle Lab can further support you.

Who is it for? Tech/digital startups and SMEs interested in bringing their technology into the physical world.

Dates: 14th & 21st Feb 2018 | 16th & 23rd May 2018 | 4th & 11th July 2018 Book here

IoT Hardware Workshop Eagle Lab

Cyber Security Awareness Workshop (one day)

What is it about? The workshop will provide an insight for SMEs into the risks and the potential consequences of cyber-attack, an overview of management processes, and hardware/software that can be introduced in order to manage risk, resilience and disaster recovery.

What will I learn? You’ll get a practical understanding of implementing cyber policies and identifying vulnerabilities. You will be able to apply common sense to industry leading issues, create pro-active security practices, react to cyber risks and implement basic disaster recovery.

Who is it for?  The workshop is aimed at those with more advanced technical knowledge. It may be of interest to people such as (but not limited to): business owners, technical practitioners, IT support, Information Security Managers, iSOC Managers. If you are non-technical (or want a refresher), we’d recommend you attend our one-day Scaling Tech workshop first, as this will give you an introduction to the concepts needed to make the most of the Cyber Security workshop.

Dates: 13th Feb 2018 | 15th May 2018 | 11th Sept 2018 Book here


Scaling Tech: Managing Technical Teams and Projects (one day)

What is it about? The focus of this workshop is to provide information to aid you in conversations with software developer/technical suppliers. The content is designed to demystify some of the technical jargon and help you better assess/interact with your technical teams (in-house staff or external agencies).

What will I learn? How to manage your technical teams and projects as your business grows, including understanding agile development processes, techniques for quality assurance, understanding cloud services and managing non-functional requirements of your product. Read more

Who is it for? Anyone who runs or works for a startup/SME looking to grow, who needs to think about scaling from a tech perspective.

Dates: 23rd Jan 2018 | 10th April 2018 | 10th July 2018 Book here

Tips for scaling tech CLOS Consultancy

Usability Testing Workshop (two days)

What is it about? This 2-day workshop will guide you through the basics of why user experience (UX) is so important, and the place of usability testing in product development. You’ll then move on to designing your own basic research project, testing it in a live environment and learning ways to analyse results.

What will I learn? At the end of the 2 days you will be able to run your own user testing for your products, and have greater understanding of how user testing can be used, as well as how best to engage research agencies to support your product optimisation.

Who is it for? Anyone interested in user research for their app, website, game, digital product… Including tech/digital SMEs, startups and freelancers.

Dates: 6th Feb 2018 | 8th May 2018 | 6th Sept 2018 Book here

Don’t forget about our monthly Tech & Business Networking Huddle as well – it’s free and a great way to meet like-minded people in and around MediaCityUK.