Media City


Bespoke Retainment Group

We specialise in connecting talented individuals with the best opportunities in the HR, Sales, Marketing and Digital industries.

We go above and beyond. Above the CV and beyond the job specification. Because successful recruiting isn’t just about the skillset, it’s about finding people with the right ethos. People that fit.

We build lasting relationships. We do this by immersing ourselves in your company, getting to grips with your values and understanding what makes you tick. It’s the same for candidates, by getting to know you we help you find the right opportunities, and give you the prep you need to land your dream job.

And we don’t just recruit, we focus on Retainment. Because once you’ve found the one, you don’t want to lose them. It’s a partnership. And we’re in it for the long haul.

We’ve worked hard to build a thriving network which feeds in to our ever growing talent pool, which means you get access to the strongest candidates around.

We do all of this by being open and honest, in fact we pride ourselves on it. By talking about your objectives, your aspirations and your targets we can create a bespoke recruitment plan, just for you.

It’s recruitment, done differently.