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There Be Giants

We deliver our services via a number of packages.  We find our clients prefer that as it makes it simple to know what they are buying and the outcomes they will get.

They are all structured around growth and each one provides support for a particular stage in the business growth cycle.

Giant Academy is an invitation-only group and bi-monthly event for business leaders to meet with their peers and swap ideas and experiences about the factors that make their business successful.

It’s aimed at people who own or run all or part of a business or organisation and who want to make their mark on the world, bring out their natural strengths and enjoy themselves along the way.

Each month, Giant Academy will feature one or two members looking at how they approached a business issue, with discussion facilitated by Nick and Roger and loosely structured around our 3P business model – Purpose, People and Process. It will be a place to learn from and with our peers, with the right amount of safe support and challenge. It will be a sales-free, members-only zone.

Once costs are covered, all profits from the GIANT Academy will be passed to charitable causes.