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Program Benefits Description
As a valued member of SendGrid’s Accelerate program, you will receive mentorship by
SendGrid’s community team, networking opportunities and services, in addition to 12 months of
access credit to our world class email deliverability and user engagement product suite
including Marketing Campaigns, and load testing.
How to join Accelerate
Simply fill out this form indicating that you are a the winner of The Landing and we’ll get in touch
with you very soon!
About SendGrid
Founded in 2009, after graduating from the TechStars program, SendGrid has developed a
cloud based service that solves the challenge of email delivery by delivering emails on behalf of
companies. SendGrid eliminates the complexity of sending email, saving time and money, while
providing reliable delivery to the inbox.
About Marketing Campaigns
SendGrid Marketing Campaigns creates a flexible workflow, powerful list segmentation, and
actionable analytics, to enable you to build meaningful relationships with your recipients via an
affordable and full-featured marketing email service.
About SendGrid Accelerate Program
The SendGrid Accelerate Program has been specially crafted for top tier startups, accelerators,
VCs and incubators. As a dedicated team of business and technical experts that live and
breathe startups, the SendGrid Community Development Team is here to help founders and
their companies grow faster and smarter by providing comprehensive support, networking, and
resources including access to SendGrid’s world class email deliverability platform and
engagement tools.
Product Credits Detailed Info
The SendGrid product suite for SendGrid’s Accelerate program includes Pro 100k Plan allowing
up to 100K emails/month valued at $959.40, and 32k profiles in Marketing Campaigns, and the
6 month starter package with
Email Deliverability : Any of our plans up to our Pro 100k allowing 100K emails per month
valued at $79.95 per month ($959.40/year).
Marketing Campaigns : Powerful list segmentation, features, and marketing email performance
at your fingertips with free access up to 32k contacts. Valued at $30/month ($360/year) Load Testing: 6 month access to lets you stress test your web-apps &
apis with thousands of concurrent connections. Make sure you can handle demo day traffic with
ease! (Valued at $50 per month / $300 per year)
SendGrid Email Deliverability and Engagement Platform ($1,619.40 value / year)