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Who We Are?
Founded as a means of feeding innovation, Inevert was created to unlock the global ecosystem of
innovation and make it accessible to all. We are an online matchmaking platform connecting
startups with brands and corporates.
Big businesses want to innovate; startups can help them do it. Our unique platform links the latest
live innovation projects with the best innovators, offering funding, support and advice every step of
the way.
What We Do?
Through our unique platform, your startup can progress quickly, with corporate collaboration part of
its natural growth. Our goal is to bring startups and big brands all over the world together, providing
access to each other and the chance to share live projects.
In addition to our online platform, Inevert also works closely with brands, working with them to
deliver innovation events such as Hackathons all the way to creating and delivering fully manageable
bespoke Innovation programs.
How Can We Help?
Through Inevert’s platform startups can:
• Access the latest live innovation projects and opportunities to scale
• Directly access the decision makers.
• Enjoy expert Industry guidance and support.
Inevert also provides corporates with the ability to:
• Instantly connect with startups from around the world.
• Monitor startup progress to find the perfect strategic fit for your business.
• Add value to your busiess and give it a competitive edge.
Although Inevert facilitates the initial connection, it is up to the corporate and the startup to forge a
meaningful partnership. However, the Inevert team will still be at hand to offer support and advice
every step of the way.
Offer for the App:
Startups! Sign Up to Inevert’s platform for free! It takes less than 5 minutes and provides
opportunities to scale your business and earn valuable contracts with big corporates.