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App of the week!


Having attended a few events this week, from co-workers networking to Manchester International Festival pre-launch and have found myself using Haystack more and more, as an alternative to a business card swap.

I was first introduced to Haystack by Jon Buckthorp from Vodafone a couple of weeks ago when, after he scanned my business card, I got an email with his details and an add on LinkedIn. I thought it was such a good process, and being in a digital focussed organisation, I decided to have a play myself.

My initial thoughts are – it’s great. The app is very simple to use, signing up is a breeze and then all you have to do is scan someone’s card and the app does the legwork finding their logo, website, social media and can even add their LinkedIn photo to the in-app business card AND integrate with your CRM. Sorted. The app solves the issues of forgetting business cards and avoids the stack of business cards that should go in the bin, but you might need them one day dilemma.

So for those on the Manchester networking scene, download it for free and next time I see you out, we’ll do a modern day business card swap, be very 21st century and save the trees in the process. You could even do it at our next Tech Huddle on Tuesday the 12th Feb, where Vodafone will be announcing our exciting new partnership which will bring the UK’s first 5G Innovation Hub and Technology Incubator to our 6th floor in MediaCity

James Summerton, Business Development Manager, The Landing.