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Business Profile: 60 Bid

Khalid, CEO of 60 Bid, joined us in September 2015 in one of our 4th Floor offices.

60 Bid is a gamified auction platform where users play against one another in real time games to compete for free items; in exchange for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Khalid’s goal for his business in the next year is “to add a host of new games to appeal to different preferences.” His business is “developing a gamified add on tool for e-commerce websites.”

For the business, they’re biggest success so far is that “thousands of users in our auctions having fun and sending in their exciting feedback when someone wins!”

The reason that Khalid chose The Landing for his business to be based in is because it is a “good space for collaboration and very helpful team that tried to get you everything you need.”

To find out more about 60 Bid, visit the profile here.