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Business Profile: Exgence

Erol, Director of Exgence joined us in March 2017 in our 6th floor co-working space, Launch.

Exgence is a University of Manchester spin-out that uses state of the art machine learning and proprietary semantic algorithms to help enterprises quickly build the right products, both software and hardware. Exgence’s automated analysis helps its users cut down analysis time and increase quality of their requirements during their entire projects lifetimes.

I asked Erol what his main goal for his business was within the next year, and he explained that “Over the next 6 months, Exgence aims to pilot its technology with three requirements and compliance management vendors, to help their users cut costs and increase product quality.”

Following this, ” in the subsequent 6 months Exgence will aim to further expand its network of requirements and compliance management vendors.” 

I carried on to ask what Erol’s biggest success so far was, and he went on to tell me that “Exgence has carried out its first successful test with client data. This was an important milestone, as the nature of the data Exgence works with is highly sensitive and confidential. Therefore, in addition to the technical challenges, a huge effort was put into building the trust and relationship with their clients. Finally, Exgence’s commitment to its clients is starting to show results.” 

By encouraging other SME’s to join us at The Landing, we like to ask our members why they chose The Landing. Erol’s response was, “The Landing offers the perfect opportunity for young, technical companies such as Exgence to be located in the heart of a thriving tech community, at the very core of one of the most important tech hubs in Europe: this is Manchester.” 

To find out more about Exgence, visit the website here.