Media City

Blue Caribou

Videos have become a valuable way to tell your brand’s story, and we aim to engage with your audience by creating compelling, daring, and emotionally engaging storytelling in a way that makes your business come alive. At Blue Caribou, we tailor our videos to resonate with your audience to create a truly unforgettable experience by ensuring that we understand your target market, aims, and business needs.


We are an established video production company which specialises in creating promotional and social media content, advertising your brand and making your product stand out. We have access to top range equipment ensured to give your video the look it deserves. We have tackled numerous projects spanning from documenting live events and creating music videos, to working on feature-length films and script-writing within tight deadlines. Through careful planning, we will work with you through the process step by step, from deciding on the concept to the production and editing of the footage.