Media City


We are a strategic creative agency, defined by our commitment to understanding. Every piece of strategy, content, creative or tech, every channel and discipline – everything we do is inspired by a close working relationship with our clients. A relationship based on listening more than we speak. Together, we overcome problems, meet ambitions and deliver work that’s not just exceptional, but absolutely effective. In other words, at Lda we think first, create better.

STRATEGY — Everything starts with strategy. Thinking this way means, whatever the brief, our creative will always work for you. And, if you ever need help to refine, plan and measure your strategic approach, we’ll be ready to offer our perspective.

CONTENT — Considered copy, original photography and animation – we never generate clickbait, but rather make every piece of content we create a true expression of your brand.

CREATIVE — Working closely with you doesn’t just inform our work, it inspires our ideas, shaping everything from brand building and guardianship to concept development and design.

TECH — UX, design and build. Back-end development, CMS and database integration. Our in-house technical ability means we can offer custom digital platforms. And really helps feed our inner geek.