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Miranex are a Northwest-based public cloud hosting company specialising in GPU-accelerated remote desktops (Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or VDI), file transfer, backup and storage.

Using remote desktops enables the user to work in a high-speed Windows desktop environment from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile) enabling greater freedom to work anywhere, with increased security of data.

Miranex specialises in delivering complex software over the Internet by using GPU acceleration, such as CAD and video production (see our website for a range of software). This enables high-graphics-rich applications and work to be conducted on any device. We can also provide additional services such as IaaS, Backup as a Service, MS Exchange Servers and others as required.

We can provide public and private cloud services to deliver high quality and speed virtual desktops to some or all of your workforce using our trusted partnerships including Microsoft, NVIDIA and CITRIX.


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