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Digital Salford launches Smart Strategy

Salford’s race to become a Smart City was boosted further today with the official publication of its Digital Strategy and the launch of a Smart City Accelerator. The Accelerator sponsored by MediaCityUK and CBRE will be based at The Landing in 2020 and will be the first of its kind in the region aimed at innovation companies who are looking to develop and demonstrate smart solutions for both build and environmental management.

From Left – Group CEO of the Northern Care Alliance Group, Raj Jain, CDO of Salford, Jon Corner, Head of Service Reform, Debbie Brown and Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett.

This comes on the back of Salford becoming one of the first operational 5G networks in the UK earlier this year with Vodafone setting up its Innovation Hub at The Landing in MediaCityUK providing entrepreneurs and start-ups access to 5G resources, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Stephen Wild, Managing Director of MediaCityUK said: 

“MediaCityUK is a unique and super-connected creative, media and digital hub which is continually experimenting and evolving in exciting new ways.

We are already home to the UK’s first immersive 5G hub and we’re now ready to unlock the full potential of MediaCityUK as a smart urban environment. Our latest accelerator programme, focussed on Smart City infrastructure, is just the beginning of what we have planned.”

CDO of Salford announcing The Landing’s first Smart City Accelerator with Peel and CBRE.

Jon Corner, Chief Digital Officer for the City of Salford said:

“Salford’s Digital Strategy focuses on beneficial outcomes for our city’s residents and communities. What’s exciting about MediaCityUK is that it provides us with an ideal starting-point, a “living lab” for pre-testing and deployment of technologies that could have the potential for wider distribution and social impact.

Before we can truly consider how such smart technology can improve the quality of life for all people across Salford, we have to find ways to connect all of our physical spaces and communities. Once this bedrock and these infrastructure models are in place then we can develop new services and co-design these within our communities.”

From Left – CEO of UP Accelerator, Danny Meaney, Head of Stakeholder Engagement for MediaCityUK, Josie Cahill and
Martyn Trodd, Business Unit Director at CBRE.

City Mayor Paul Dennett said:

“Our Digital Strategy is wholly people-focused with a strong emphasis on skills, health and safer, cleaner communities. The coming together of key institutions as “Digital Salford” with one central vision is an important step in achieving the ambition to connect the whole city and ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital revolution. I’m proud that Salford is leading the way with its Smart City agenda and supporting Greater Manchester’s Industrial Strategy to be a leading city of innovation.”

Salford’s Digital Strategy is no available to download here.