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ENDED Alexa Skills Dev Meetup

Apadmi have collaborated with Amazon Alexa to run the first Alexa skills dev meet-up in Manchester. The first meet up will be here at The Landing on 4th September, 17:30-20:00. Book here [free]

This event series will be hosted by Apadmi every three months to help local developers improve their knowledge of new functionality available in Alexa SDKs, as well as other tools and skills outside of standard functionality that will undoubtedly make your life easier.


The event is free of charge and drinks will be provided. BOOK via Eventbrite

Who Should Go?

Anyone developing (or soon to be developing) voice skills for Amazon Alexa.

The speaker sessions will be technical due to the nature of the subject. However, there will be a networking session after the presentations where you can pick the brains of the speakers and other voice experts about anything voice related, regardless of whether you’re technically minded or not.

What You’ll Learn

  1. What’s new in Amazon Alexa’s toolkit and how you can put this knowledge into practice to delight your users
  2. How to generate custom utterances quickly and easily without manually inputting thousands of utterances
  3. Why Alexa’s new fallback intent feature is so damn useful, and how to use it correctly
  4. What the wider Manchester voice tech community is working on and how they’re doing it – bounce your ideas around and make your own voice solutions better. It takes a village…