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ENDED: Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

This Cyber Security Awareness workshop will  provide an insight for SMEs into the risks and the potential consequences of cyber-attack, an overview of management processes and hardware/software that can be introduced in order to manage risk, resilience and disaster recovery.

 It will enable delegates to:-


Who is it for?  The workshop is aimed at those with more advanced technical knowledge. It may be of interest to people such as (but not limited to): business owners, technical practitioners, IT support, Information Security Managers, iSOC Managers. If you are non-technical (or want a refresher), we’d recommend you attend our one-day Scaling Tech workshop first, as this will give you an introduction to the concepts needed to make the most of the Cyber Security workshop.

This programme is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Please note that we can accept 1 application per eligible company. Eligibility criteria are:

Please drop us a message if you are unsure whether you fit the eligibility criteria.

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