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ENDED Cyber Security Workshop

Wednesday 18th September sees the first of our many Fully-Funded workshops here at The Landing.

This one will be run by our friends Digital Interruption and will be about Cyber Security, specifically Security Awareness training.

This is security awareness training with a difference. In this 1/2 day workshop, we’ll be working with real hackers to understand how they break into organisations. We’ll teach the tools of the trade such as lock picking, wifi hacking and SMS spoofing to see how they get to a company’s private information.

By seeing (and actually performing) the attacks that are used in the wild, this workshop will show why security is important, as well as equipping you with the skills and the tools to protect yourself and your business.

This will be a straightforward, interesting and easy to understand workshop that is suitable for anyone who is looking to secure themselves or their business online. It will enable you to understand and identify security risks and protect against them before they happen.

Sign up via our Eventbrite page here.