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EVENT ENDED Tech Tuesday – Immersive Tech in Enterprise

The UK is currently Europe’s largest market for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and therefore a key part of what is predicted to become a US$160 billion immersive technologies market. Major advances in head-mounted displays have opened up new opportunities for content, services and industries who are now tapping into the Immersive sector. (ImmerseUK 2019)

For this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’ll be exploring what’s on the horizon for Immersive Technology Enterprise.

We’ll be joined by four speakers: our members, Chris Guerin and Denise White who are both Founders and CEO’s of Immersive and innovative companies, Xpllore and SPATIALx.

Chloe MacKie who is VP Product Strategist & UX leadership at Barclays and Ivan Isakov, Founder and CTO of Valkyrie Industries, London-based immersive tech company, specialising in natural interaction in VR and haptics.