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ENDED: Producing on Purpose: ETK Roadshow

Producing on Purpose, or ‘POP’, is ETK’s 2018 roadshow where they will be sharing successful experiences that clients have had in Africa’s emerging markets. Many of these stories have a direct link to the fact that they have been creative, innovative and strategic when developing these products and services for export.

19th June, 10am2pm, FREE: Book here

The goal is to create a space in Manchester for CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Innovation Managers to collaborate, think and analyse their products and services as well as hear from those who live and work on the continent with a distinct understanding of what makes a product or service truly stand out.

This event will:

• Open your mind to the opportunities across the continent of Africa
• Increase your awareness of the complexity of Africa and give an understanding of the need for a deliberate and strategic approach to business expansion and market entry
• Share creative ideas on how to modify your products and services and discover opportunities to collaborate and innovate
• Begin your strategic roadmap to success in Africa from a marketing and promotion perspective

The event will include a panel, Q&A, case studies and plenty of opportunities to network and brainstorm. And of course coffee breaks and lunch!

19th June – 10am-2pm, FREE

Book here