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ENDED: Scaling Technology: Manage Technical Teams and Projects

The focus of this one day Scaling Tech workshop is to provide you with a variety of information to aid you in conversations with software developer/technical suppliers. The content is designed to demystify some of the technical jargon and help you better assess/interact with your technical teams (in house or external).

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The course will cover the following top level subjects:

Overview of Agile: Providing an understanding of the various Agile development processes that are employed in today’s software development practices. We’ll focus on the benefits and challenges of various processes along with sharing experiences of executing them at an organisation level.

Test driven development and quality assurance: A guide on techniques for managing the quality of your product as well as information regarding software release practices such as continuous deployment.

Cloud services: Helping you understand the ‘hosting’ costs and how cloud services are structured in order to work with technical teams to understand architecture and potential growth plans.

Service level agreements and managing non-functional requirements: Moving away from the functional aspects (what you want the thing to do) of your product is not something we naturally consider, however this information gives you the tools to ensure that you capture any pressing NFRs

This programme is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Please note that we can accept 1 application per eligible company. Eligibility criteria are:

Please drop us a message if you are unsure whether you fit the eligibility criteria.

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