Media City



Visioning Lab and Place Jam are exploring ways of animating locations digitally at The Landing Immersive Lab.

This could be through creating and installing digital artworks using a popup digital art gallery (see, developing treasure trails, games and competitions, using social media (eg Twitter, Snapchat) in interesting ways, or imagining future spaces and sharing them digitally. Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies (VR/AR) are likely to feature since the Immersive Lab has a lot of VR kit…

For this event, they are inviting people to explore-through-doing what and how people can engage with public spaces in a digital way.

This is a warmup event for a larger hackathon which would involve members of the community , artists, technologists, producers, managers of public spaces and whomever chooses to sign up.

The plan is to work through different options and design a SpaceJam process for future in multiple locations.

This event will be largely freeform using any digital tools available with some structure to keep things moving.

Sign up here.