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Business Operations: Get Organised with Your Associate

We invited Amanda Reid, experienced Executive Assistant at Your Associate, to share her top tips for getting started with organising your business operations. Join her Business Operations Masterclass for more efficiency tips and tricks gathered from working with hundreds of small businesses, 8th August here at The Landing.

I’m often asked, where do I begin if I want to be organised? This differs from person to person as some people are paper based and others keep everything electronic, so during my Business Operations Masterclass at The Landing I’m going to cover a bit of both areas. In the meantime, I always advocate for common sense – so here is a process that is a good place to start from…

End of day

Yep, you read that right, before you go home at night make sure you organise yourself for the next day. Tidy your paperwork, make a note of emails to deal with and projects you need to work on. This way you can go home, sleep well and not be left with that niggling feeling that you’ve forgotten something – you can leave the office at the office!

Start of Day

As you spent a few minutes before you left last night organising yourself for today, the only thing you need to wonder about is what surprises might land on your desk/inbox during the day. However, as you know what you’re planning to do, anything that does come along can easily be scheduled in and your priorities determined. And if all hell breaks loose and you must focus on that, you can delegate your tasks much more easily as you’ve got everything prepared.

Now if you want to know how to keep on top of your inbox, clear up the sticky notes and have a desk/desktop that is organised and not organised chaos, then why not pop along and find out how I can help your business with its administrative tasks and how, with a little bit of time investment from you, your inbox can work for you and be the ultimate ‘to do’ list.

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