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Landing members make great use of our $15k worth of Amazon Web Servers credits

One of our tenants, HE Inventions, explain how they made great use of our $15k worth of Amazon web servers credits and where it has got them to now.

“As a high-growth business that doesn’t have external investment, we have to place costs at a higher level of scrutiny than some of our contemporary VC-backed peers.

The mantra beg, borrow, and steal is a strong one when it comes to our internal tool and resource use, and as we have a small development team, we have been taking advantage of all of the free tier operational software by Atlassian and Gitlab. Recently, we took the plunge and migrated fully over to Gitlab, due to the much larger feature set it offered and the automation opportunities.

However, you get what you pay for with free tier software. Site outages and CI/CD delays were common and frustrating but we were having trouble justifying the costs of hosting everything ourselves.

Luckily, The Landing are now AWS accredited and were offering 2 years of AWS credits. Needless to say I jumped at the chance when I heard about it. A week later and I have several thousand dollars’ worth of credit sitting cooling on my billing dashboard.

We went to town.

Now we have our own fully hosted Gitlab server (we still need to pay enterprise licencing, but it’s the same cost as g-suite), our own Docker container registry, a suite of CI runners automating our workflow, and a Sentry server. And these are running on decent cloud machines (c4-large) rather than the smallest Digital Ocean droplet we could it in.

Our workflow is fast now, and we have the headroom to experiment and develop with the latest AWS cloud offerings – improving our product, operations, and—ultimately—our revenue.”