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Mental Health Awareness Week

We keep hearing the saying “new normal” but what exactly does that mean? Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve all been adapting to this new way of life and will continue to do so for some time. But with that comes a great amount of uncertainty which in itself has the potential to have a knock on effect on our mental health and wellbeing.

In fact, if you’re worried or are feeling anxious, you’re not alone. A study by Harvard Business Review found that, 75% of people say they feel more socially isolated, 57% are feeling greater anxiety and 53% say they feel more emotionally exhausted due the pandemic we’re now all living in.

However, we have been seeing a variety of online events which are designed to help you with these hard times, from webinars on coping strategies, videos on tips for working remotely, to online yoga sessions – there are lots of resources out there. We’ve compiled some hints and tips from leading psychiatrists and professionals to help you through these times of uncertainty and change.

Tip #1

Don’t lose sight of a routine

Tip #2

Be mindful of each other: Living through a lockdown is a new experience for everyone. Be mindful of this and find ways to listen to or accommodate each other’s concerns. Be compassionate; think of the pain others may be going through.

A new active form of mindfulness is available from MyCognition. It provides a personalised, 15min active daily meditation to enhance your mental resilience. MyCognition apps are available to download from the app stores on any iOS and Android device. HOME is available via subscription; PRO and ED require a pre-paid license. For more information contact or visit

Tip #3

Minimise “corona time”: If you wish, spend no more than 30-60 minutes in the morning or evening absorbing news and updates about the pandemic; reflect on the positives and don’t dwell too long on the negatives. Create time which is dedicated to self and to relationships.

Tip #4

Stay connected: Make phone and video calls on a daily basis to others. Staying in touch has never been easier. Make this a habit for life, not just for the virus.

Tip # 5

Express yourself: Spend less time consuming content and more time in creating it.

The following tips are from our friend Julie McCann, Founder at Unicorn&Co who recently hosted our Wellness Wednesday Webinar:

Julie says,

Daily check-in with yourself: Take time to connect with your feelings by asking yourself: How am I feeling right now? It’s ok to feel sad or frustrated at times. The most important part is to acknowledge and accept it. Train your mind to think in a more positive way by writing down three things that you are grateful for on a daily basis. Express your appreciation to people around you. Nice and sincere words do magic. Try it right now!!

Remember, you’re not alone in this, you’re doing great! Be kind to yourself and never fear of reaching out for help.


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