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National Apprenticeship Week!

For National Apprenticeship Week, our Digital Marketing Apprentice Holly Lindon has given us her take on her new role within The Landing team.

“By creating a culture and environment which has values that are meaningful and aligned with those of staff, people are more motivated to work for you and will bend over backwards for things that they believe in.
– Simon Cohen.

I moved to Manchester two years ago in the hopes to get away from an industry I had enough of. I kept telling myself, something will happen but to tell you the truth I didn’t exactly know what “will happen”. I didn’t have a plan, career-wise because everything I tried prior just didn’t work for me or in other words, I got scared and bailed out. So here I am, flicking from job to job in the hopes I can learn to like it, maybe get a promotion, become a manager someday, until something out the ordinary happened.

One Monday Afternoon the Managing Director of The Landing approached me, he would occasionally have a coffee after a meeting and this is how we evidently met. After making his Americano, he explained that there was a position for a marketing assistant role in the building and that he wanted me for it. I felt this was the opportunity I needed to start a new chapter. The role was part of an apprenticeship which meant as well as learning something new and exciting, it also allowed me the freedom to make this role my own and be as creative as I want.

Pic copyright Phil Tragen 06.11.18

Journey so far!
So, where I work: a hub for established and start-up companies in the tech sector. What my job entails: promote the hub using social media channels, video content, website blogs and the best part, create a relationship with all the businesses in the building. I said best part because I am constantly amazed by the work produced from the businesses, granted I don’t always get it, but my job is allowing me to at least try. Each day is completely different and being around so many inspirational people is doing wonders for me.
I have truly learnt so much already; from small things like, writing an effective tweet in under 120 characters, to what Tweet Deck is. To learning how to manage my time, prioritise and take constructive criticism.

“62% want to work for a company that makes a positive impact, half prefer purposeful work to a high salary, and 53% would work harder if they were making a difference to others.”

I do tend to be a bit on the negative side and get in a right rut with myself, who doesn’t from time to time? There’s been a few occasions where I have lost my confidence or motivation, even before starting my apprenticeship I went into a panic as two important aspects were at the forefront of my mind; A: pay cut and B: “you’re too old for an apprenticeship!”

I didn’t necessarily enjoy my school years or University for that matter because I never felt clever enough for it (negativity creeps in) and I was worried this was going to be a repeat. But, I can’t big up the people I work with enough for helping me see the positive side of things. From the eco-systems manager of Barclays helping me with video ideas to the Business Development Manager going through percentages for my Maths Assessment. When those negative thoughts creep in my head I genuinely feel I can express freely and not be judged. This has helped completely diminish those initial negative thoughts before I started, not caring about a pay cut and that I’ve gone back to college to start again.

In all my other jobs, I would come in, do my work and go home, I wouldn’t go above and beyond, but this job is different, time flies by and I lose myself in my work as I feel like I am doing something of value and have a sense of fulfilment. I’m actually excited to wake up in the morning and come to work and best of all I don’t moan about work, at all! According to, we on average spend around 63% of our time in work and this hit home for me because I can already feel a difference in how I feel and I genuinely believe it’s because of my new role.

What now?
So what has this job taught me so far? That it is important to be willing to learn. Even if you don’t fully understand at first, your peers will see that you’re trying and this will create a level of respect and that is valuable in forming professional relationships for the future.

From my perspective, if you enjoy your job and surrounded with great people, it doesn’t matter if you have to start over in a different industry or if you have to take a pay cut. I’m more confident, organised and proud to be in a position where I’m learning new things, not just about the tech world but about the real world.


Holly is our second apprentice at The Landing, she hopes to finish her apprenticeship early next year.