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Maker Lab Kit

Our Maker Lab is chock-full of both entry level and enterprise equipment that will help make your hardware projects come to life fast. The Landing is the perfect place to make hardware success a reality.

  • 2 x  single-nozzle, fused deposition modelling (FDM) desktop 3D printers – (2 x Ultimaker 2+)
  • 1 x dual-nozzle, FDM desktop 3D printer (Ultimaker 3)
  • 1 x MultiJet (UV-curable plastic) plastic printer (3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500)
  • 1 x full-colour (CMYK) powder 3D printer (3D Systems ProJet CJP 660Pro)
  • 1 x high-speed CO2 laser cutter  (Trotec Speedy 100)
  • 1 x vinyl cutter (Roland GS-24)

Visit the Barclays Eagle Lab page