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Tech-Driven Record Label Ostereo Celebrates 1st Year Successes

Congratulations to technology-led record label Ostereo, who are celebrating their first year of business along with some phenomenal achievements.

Founded by Howard Murphy and based here at The Landing in MediaCityUK, Ostereo scour the globe for the latest sounds and strategically invest in creativity, artistry and sonic originality.

Disrupting the traditional record label formula, they are digital-only, utilising tech including digital music streaming services, social media and user-generated content platforms.

Through this they have over 20 international artists on their roster, with a combined 400m music streams and over 1 billion YouTube views – despite having never officially released a single in the traditional sense. Ostereo now employ 12 staff, with plans to expand both the team and the artist roster over the next year.

“With Ostereo I wanted to create a totally new kind of record label which is all about engaging with fans directly, understanding their individual tastes and meeting their expectations with accessible, innovative and exceptional music in a format that works for them, and not the record label,” Murphy said.

“Being based at fantastic global media hub like The Landing, which has amazing technology and an inspirational atmosphere, has really helped us drive the business. There is also a creative and collaborative vibe around the whole of MediaCityUK which myself and the Ostereo team are able to tap into.”

The Landing CEO Jon Corner said:

“As a former musician, band member and music producer I am very proud that a company as dynamic and genuinely disruptive as Ostereo has been able to achieve so much in such a short time while based at The Landing.

“The fact they are generating significant incomes for their artists from a world-wide fan base, without ever having created a physical format is remarkable, as is the fact Howard has done it with a team of technologists and project managers who don’t have traditional record label backgrounds.

“It’s also great that Ostereo credits The Landing and MediaCityUK as playing a key role in their success so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can support them on the next part of their journey.”

Ostereo are featured on Business Cloud and the MEN

Find out more about Ostereo’s current work on their website or say hello on Twitter