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Techforce 19 Can We Help?

We welcomed the recent announcement that NHSX is calling on all innovators who can support the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating during COVID-19 to apply for government funding of up to £25,000 to test their solution. So now is a great time to think about innovating. 


In order to be eligible to apply to the fund, you will need to already have a working product or service but if you have its a great opportunity to try it out in live environments. Working with the public sector can be challenging for small companies. They tend to be bureaucratic organisations that are difficult to navigate from the outside. And we don’t say that in a negative way – bureaucracy is needed to run large organisations but it can be the enemy of agility. And right now we need a lot of agility to respond to the Covid 19 crisis.

Here at The Landing, we have long-established connections with the NHS and the public sector generally so if you are thinking of applying to the fund and you would like to get closer to the NHS Innovation Team then let us know and we can connect you. 

We are happy to broker introductions, run some Zoom sessions etc so that you can  quickly test your application/thinking before submitting it to the government. 

You may not be able to respond to the Techforce19 call,  given the tight timescales … APRIL 1st 12pmOr it may be that you don’t want to apply for this particular fund but you still have products or services relevant to the health service at this pressing time and you are looking for testbeds – we can support some collaboration on that front as well. 

The Landing have a range of partners that may be able to give you some mentoring and advice including UP Accelerator, GCHQ, Salford Council , NHS and INEVITABLE to name just a few – so get in touch and let us know how best we can help you to innovate in these challenging times for the NHS. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our Twitter account @TheLandingMCUK or email our Innovation Manager or @njco2design on Twitter