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Why Small Businesses Should Consider User Research

There are many people – and entire companies – who create software, websites and digital products, but are unaware of user research. While the term user experience has received a lot of attention over the last few years, many people still don’t know that user research is the key activity that informs UX design.

I’m sure you’re thinking that you know a lot about your users and their needs, but have you ever observed your users performing their usual tasks in their natural environment?

User research focuses on understanding user behaviours, needs and motivations though various observation techniques and feedback methodologies. A continuous flow of insight is key to ensuring that our own perspectives, assumptions, and expectations are left aside throughout the lifecycle. It also helps identify issues that haven’t been considered internally.

Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini, both long-time design leads at Apple once wrote “In a uninformed company executives assume all this upfront design research, prototyping, and testing clearly must slow down the development process. Nope. When done properly, it speeds things up by catching problems early, before coding even begins.”

User research isn’t only for giants like Apple, small businesses can equally benefit from it. However, as a small business, you might be facing challenges like ‘we don’t have a budget for an in-house user experience expert’ or ‘my colleagues fail to understand the importance of user research’.

Our 2 day training workshop hosted by PRWD Founder Paul Rouke at The Landing aims to provide small businesses with a user research toolkit designed to help overcome the key barriers to adoption.

The workshop is fully-funded for Greater Manchester SMEs, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to start learning about user research from the experts.

Through presentations, interactive working sessions and case studies, the workshop will help you:

Visit the Eventbrite page here for more information and upcoming dates.

PRWD are a conversion optimisation (CRO) agency based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Their team of experts use psychology, UX design, data science, persuasive copywriting, user research and data analysis, to help improve your conversion rate, learn about your customers or design a customer-focused website.