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Virtual Reality Demo Day at The Landing

Greater Manchester companies presented their virtual, augmented and mixed reality work to agencies at a Demo Day hosted by The Landing.

The day was put together to showcase local innovation in virtual reality, with the opportunity for digital and creative agencies to explore new technology and find creative solutions for clients.

Studio Liddell started off the day with a look at their Multiple Sclerosis virtual reality experience, designed and developed for Merck Pharmaceuticals to use at a series of training and awareness events. See their VR & AR work.

Smart Document Solutions talked about collaboration within a mixed reality environment, showing how multiple HoloLens systems can be used together to enable new ways of working. Attendees got to have a go at manipulating 3D models in a shared space during demos throughout the day.

Renegade Fortress gave insights into user experience in Mixed Reality, discussing the need for new methods for users to interact with information and virtual objects. They also touched on their own background from gaming development and how they can apply this experience to make MR fun and easy to use. Read more about their mixed reality work.

In the afternoon, Hidden Creative talked about pushing the boundaries of storytelling with virtual reality by taking the audience on a virtual journey. Throughout the day they ran demos of their VR experience taking users on a journey to Mars, created for ABB Space.

Gas Music sparked a discussion about how the creative industry can use VR and the possible applications for music and entertainment. Through the day they also showcased their first foray into 360 video, with a music show experience filmed at The Landing in June.

Virtualise360 showcased their virtual reality tech for products, spaces and places, using 3D object recognition, interactive screens, mapping and gesture control. Their tools are designed to improve client interactions and enhance brand experiences.

Attendees were also able to get involved and experience the technology for themselves at demos throughout the day, as well as network in the 6th floor Launch space.

The Landing creates a unique environment for digital/creative startups, SMEs and micro-businesses to work alongside the large media and technology organisations in MediaCityUK, Salford. If you would like to know more about virtual reality at The Landing, please get in touch to find out how we can support you.